Congratulations! You've passed the demo module!
You've successfully passed the first game module on the safety of the working place. Awesome! Congratulations, you've made an important step towards personal safety culture!

We want to make, if not the coolest, but the most useful product which will increase the safety culture and make life easier and happier. That's why we really need your help. Please, share your impressions and suggestions with us, it'll be very useful for our game developers and methodists.
Would you like your company to use our game platform to train employees instead of providing a traditional training (reading instructions, listening to lectures and studying with an instructor offline)?
Do you think that our game platform can simplify and speed up the process of onboarding safety training?
Do you like the graphics?
Do you have any difficulties while answering questions of the module?
Which difficulties did you have?
Which browser did you use to launch the game?
Is the office that we created similar to yours?
Was your app slow?
What city are you from?
Will you recommend us to your employees/colleagues/managers to use our platform?
Are you ready to recommend the platform to your director?
Is the interface and interaction with the platform clear?
Do you like the platform in general?
What games should we add in your opinion?
What is your overall impression of the game?